Good evening, Welcome to one more follower! Thank you so much for taking time to visit here, and join. I'm seeing one number difference bloggers count and what I have listed in my spreadsheet. So one of tomorrow's tasks is to check each name in the follower list against what I have in my spreadsheet. Then as I run the Random Generator, I can use an accurate number. My plan is to have the Generator run on the day I see the 100th picture show up! (Is why I want to be accurate in my counts!). I have been advised I should require the winner to be a follower, also comment on the day ..but I think just being a follower is enough appreciation for ME! Of course comments are lovely too.  As promised here is a picture of what I have planned for the 100th follower blogcandy. Keep in mind, my 1 year blogaversary will be March 7 when I made the first tentative post, but my first 'real' post was on March 10, so that is the date (10th) I am going to say is the anniversary. (Make sense?). So there are a few more things I plan to offer on that stay tuned. I hope these craft goodies will be something that someone can use & enjoy. In the meantime, the 100th candy:

So to explain what is available on this 100th follower giveaway: A Scrapbook Almanac (I don't scrap, it was a gift...never used by a little ole lady, even once!), some lovely napkins (some courtesy of Miss Mary Mac of Glitter Grammy Plays with Paper fame. If you follow the link, you can see the lovely cards Miss Mary made with a couple of these napkins. There is a Cheery Lynn die, a Memory Box die, which works with the never inked Memory Box Bear stamp, a Cuttlebug EF folder, a Tim Holtz Texture Fade EF, a Darice EF. All of these are new items. To mail, I will be removing the blister package from the help with postage weight. And I just might throw in a thing or two as a surprise. I had to swipe a clear space on my desk to snap the picture, and there may be some other things visible, so I thought I best say just what is part of the candy. Wouldn't want to misrepresent things or disappoint anyone. I will ask that the winner contact me via the comment form here at the blog, provide your pertinent mailing info. I have Moderate Comments setting on, so I would never publish personal info.

On another note: We happened to see that we have a bunch of cheery yellow daffodils blooming their little hearts (or should I say "heads") out - in our front flower bed. I had noticed the shoots breaking ground in mid-January, along with some tulip greenery. Not seeing any blooms on the tulips yet. They are old bulbs, planted the first year we lived here, in 2003. I'm not into the digging up, saving bulbs, replanting school. At our house, plants have to be hardy to survive. (Many don't!). I intended to plant some cheery yellow pansies by our front steps as I've done in past years. It didn't happen. I didn't lose sleep over it ....So there is my gardening philosophy. I do enjoy seeing all the things when they bloom though. Just don't like the work involved in taking care of them. I have 2 sis-in-laws who love to grub in the dirt. They claim it is their therapy. Humph! To me, is just WORK! (I'm retired you know. Translate that to: Became Lazy. Or lazier than I was when I worked!!! LOL). Have a great evening, and I hope you had a wonderful day. Got a most lovely (purchased) card from DH, sentiments were beautiful (I HOPE he meant them...said he did). And a little heart box of 3 pieces of choc candy.  Neither of us need to have the candy around, so 3 pieces was a good choice. Then we had a nice dinner at Outback, along with most of the rest of our area. Was an hour and a half wait, and this was before 5pm. Zounds! Thanks for popping in. See you tomorrow I hope. Hugs.


  1. Hi, Mary! Oooo your blogaversary is coming up quick!!! Congratulations. I missed my first one LOL. So will try to be more alert for the second one, and give away blog candy, too. Not til....I forgot already - sheesh! So glad your daffodils are popping up. I can't babysit my yard either. If they don't live, well, my husband calls me the flower murderer. Before I got sick and could buy flowers, he would whisper to them "You're going to DIE now!" Too funny. He is my everything. Much aloha, Rosy

  2. Ya know to me, being a "follower" doesn't imply that that they actually read your blog every day, to me, it means they liked what they saw and think what you do is good. Now if they put me in their "blog reader", come back all the time, that person is a true "follwer". Maybe blogger should change the "followers" "likers" So my input, make them become a follower to get the can always reward the true follwers in other ways. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  3. What a generous gift to give one of your followers Mary. You ROCK! I bet hubby meant every word in that card. I got a store bought card from my hubby too...he doesn't We went to lunch for Valentine's Day because I absolutely hate to stand in line for dinner. I'm also with you on the gardening issue...if God wanted me to dig in the dirt, he'd put diamonds in there. Have a great night!

  4. That made me smile Mary when you said you got 3 pieces of choc candy.... that would be enough for me too. Purchased card or not, it is always nice to be appreciated - and taken out for dinner too. Good result! Hugs, Anne x

  5. Wow, that will be a great prize for a lucky follower.
    I'm sure you'll get too 100 soon.
    Congratulations on your almost 1 year anniversary.

  6. Your nearly there on both counts. Your prezzies are a nice assortment of goodies anyone would love to have. Blogger miscounts my followers too. I have one more than is showing in the counter but the list of thumb nails adds up correctly. Check the total showing on your last page of followers . That might be where your missing one is.
    Hugs Mrs a.

  7. I love your garden philosophy!My hubby is the gardner and I am the fair-weather gardener...planting, (dig hole, put plant in green side up...),dead-heading, sowing and weeding. That's it!I also pick some flowers to press them which annoyed my hubby when I pressed some strawberry flowers.....:O) Super blog candy, may your blogging friends increase and your cards continue to bless!

  8. Finally sent you an e-mail. Well first installment at least!!! Hope you have plenty of spare time. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. I like your gardening philosophy too! Although it gives me immense pleasure to grow things from seed I have to say, brings out the excited little girl in me!! I just became your 99th follower too, although blogger isn't letting me post with my wordpress account, so I've been commenting as Brenda B with a Google account! Lovely goodies, I agree with minimizing postage costs too. Hubby made chocolate dipped strawberries for us on Valentines Day, very decadent!


  10. What a great giveaway Mary! Someone is going to be a lucky person. I am so glad that you are getting a lot of followers my friend, but not surprised! You make beautiful cards and everyone wants to see them! How sweet of Joe to give you a card and some chocolates! Dinner out sounds nice too and just what you deserve! It was just another day for us but we are going to a B&B in March so that will be fun. Hugs!!


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